Friday, April 30, 2010

SPRING at the Petersen's

Kayla going to Prom.

A much needed break to Cancun. It was PARADISE!

Easter in warm St. George.
Kyle received his Arrow of Light in March. He was more than proud.

We hiked the Arches with cousins Zach,Alex and Graham at the end of March. I had the flu that day, but the boys had a blast.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Express

We watched a movie for FHE last night called "The Express." I recommend it to you movie watchers out there.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010



Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another Year

So its been almost a year since I've last posted. I was over it for a while thinking that nobody really cares about what's going on in our lives. Recently I've been getting flack from my mom (who has recently moved) and my 2 sisters that live out of state that they really do care, and want to see me post again. I guess I'll give it another try for them.
So much has happened this past year. I really don't know where to begin. I suppose the biggest change in our lives has been the opening of our new restaraunt. Wow, what an experience it's been. We have worked so hard and learned so much. Somedays I hate it and regret it, and other days it's exciting, and a fun place to be. In spite of my mixed emotions I am proud of Kasey for pulling it off, and his life is sincerely dedicated to making it work. Winger's has been open for close to 7 months. There are days when our whole family is there working. The boys have learned to roll silverware, and fill ice bins. The girls work as hostesses. I am a waitress a few shifts a week, and Kasey is learning everything. He's been working the cook line lately, and deals with a lot of employee drama!

Indoor track

Our kids are doing great! Kayla turned 16 last Sept. She is driving and dating, and heavily involved in x-country and track. She was recently crowned Miss Teen Castle Country and will run for Miss Teen Utah this Fall. She is truly a joy to raise. She is extremely self-motivated and keeps us laughing. Daddy is having a hard time with the whole dating thing. We just tell him things on a need to know basis.

Kyle and Kolton are growing up too fast. Kyle will be 11 in June. He is OBSESSED with sports. He loves the Boston Red Socks and Dallas Cowboys. He knows all the players, their age, their stats, where they're from and their ht. and weight. If live games are not on, he is on ESPN watching Classic games. So annoying! The Cowboys lost today, so we are in mourning. His favorite sport to play is baseball, and he played on Carbons 9 yr old all-star team last year. They took 3rd at state, and he can't wait for the season to start again even though he and Kolton just started wrestling season. He is still my lovey, and he thinks Kasey walks on water. He's a joy!
Kolton just turned 9 and is officially bigger than Kyle. The kid is going to be huge! He loves to play video games and go hunting and shooting. He tries to always be the cool kid. He is all about friends and style, and must wear certain brands of clothes. He is stubborn, but adorable. I already know I am in big trouble with him, but he'll always be my baby, and I hate to see him grow up.

Morgan turned 15 in Oct. She passed her learners test and is now driving also. Mog is working hard at Wingers and is looking forward to trying out for Carbons Drill Team this Spring. Last Summer she and I went to Las Vegas for her last dance competition. She has really blossomed into a pretty little thing this past year and is a great help to me. Only if she and Kayla would stop fighting.

We have recently added a new member to our family. My boys had the swine flu on Halloween, and I felt so bad that they couldn't enjoy the holiday, so I bought them a dog. I bought him out of a back of a truck at Wal-mart. He was so cute, and my heart melted. We named him "WITTEN" for Jason Witten on the Dallas Cowboys. He has been the sweetest dog. We really got lucky. We are all in love with him, and even though Kasey was not happy about getting a dog, he's pretty attached to him too.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MHJH Pirates

Kayla played basketball for her Junior High this year, and they had a great season. They took 2nd place at tournament, only losing 2 games all year. Kayla was dedicated, she played hard, and she learned a ton. Congrats to The Mont Harmon Pirates for a great year!

Kolton's Baptism

Kolton was baptized Feb.7, 2009. It was so fun to have everyone come to Price and share that day with us. I hope it will be a day that Kolton always remembers. It was kind of a hard day for me because my Dad couldn't be there. He broke his femur bone in a snowmobiling accident several days before, and was home in bed recovering. None of my sisters were able to make it either. It made me realize how important my family is to me, and how lucky I am to have them. Kasey's family is so great too. They are all so supportive. Kolton's great great Grandma Sorenson came over, and we were able to get a 5 generation picture. How cool is that!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Name 10 things that bug you!

1. Wooden spoons, wooden spatulas, wooden rolling pins, wooden popscicle sticks!
2. Dirty floors!
3. People who talk about being fat, when they're clearly not.
4. Coal Mine phone calls at 3:00 am, or on Sunday mornings.
5. Pointless meetings
6. Why mom! Please mom! I promise mom! It doesn't matter mom!
7. When I find the cutest piece of clothing, and there's none my size.
8. When I really need something, and I can't get it to work.
9. Other people typing.
10.When I get out of the tub, or run up the stairs, or am woken up, to answer the phone, and it's a telemarketer.
I tag anyone who reads this!